Friday, November 21, 2008

Tragedy - "Can We Call This Life?" 7"

I've seen this 7" floating around online but the two times I've downloaded it (from 2 different sources and probably a few years apart) it fucking skipped during "The Ending Fight"... WTF! Stop stealing other people's rips... especially if they skip. Anyways, here it is in all it's non-skipping glory. This 7" was released after the first TRAGEDY LP but right before the 2nd one came out from what I can remember.... amazing songs on this so I don't know why this hasn't been reissued or pressed on some CD or something yet. "The Ending Fight" gives me chills every time I listen to it.... it's that fucking good. It is THE punk anthem, the song to listen to as the bombs are dropping... aargh. TRAGEDY... the only band that matters.

1. The Ending Fight
2. The Waiting
3. Life?

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