Tuesday, March 31, 2009


In the middle of moving and fixing up the house I just bought. The only reason why anything has even been posted on here in the last couple of weeks is because I had a stockpile of ripped stuff (which is now dwindling...) and I scheduled them to automatically post.

Hopefully my records (and tapes!) will finally be out of the garage soon and ripping stuff will be more frequent/easier.

Looking forward to some good shows finally happening in April/May.... AI/WARCRY, HJERTESTOP, SKITKIDS, and DESTINO FINAL. Holy shit!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Deathcharge - "Plastic Smiles" EP

3 track one-sided 7" of DISCHARGE (duh) worship from PDX released on Distruction Records. When I play this I'm filled with the urge to sing along using DISCHARGE lyrics because the songs sound totally familiar.... reminds me very much of INFIERNO DE COBARDES, meaning it's like hearing DISCHARGE songs replayed but with new lyrics. "Plastic Smiles" is a good fist-pumper but I think I like this band's more recent "The Hangman" 7" more.

1. See Through Their Lies
2. Pathetic Sheep
3. Plastic Smiles


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Final Bloodbath - s/t 7"

Total DISCHARGE worship from Japan (as if you couldn't tell from the cover and band name) but something about this band makes them stand out a bit for me more than those other D-Clones (not ragging on D-Clone.... have yet to hear them actually). Nice reverb on the vocals and it's played with good energy.

This was released on PAANKLEVYT (PAANK 010) and comes on nice thick clear vinyl. Of course they also have another 7" on Crust War and ended up evolving into FINAL. Inner sleeve also features very cute photos of the two female members posing for the camera.... Ha!

1. Nothing of Reality
2. For Future
3. We Have Freedom
4. See Through Lies
5. Individual Destruction


Friday, March 6, 2009

Defector - "Ultra Noize Violence" 7"

Noisy as fuck debut 7" from Defector from Japan (Crust War 014). Pretty insane how much people are paying for this record now.... 2nd 7" is much better but they're still a bit overrated in my eyes. I prefer LIFE and FRAMTID myself.... I do like the fact though that one guy plays "METAL PENIS" while another member plays the "NOISE PENIS." Both are very hard instruments to master.

This came as a bonus 7"with Crust War Zine #8. The pictures above are actually from a "cover" that's inside the zine itself as the 7" was just in a white dust sleeve. So I guess you were supposed to cut it out and use it for the cover (even has dotted lines along where you're supposed to cut) but I just made a xerox copy and put my 7" in that because I'm a fucking nerd and I don't cut up zines/records like that.

1. Brainless
2. Japanese Title
3. Again, Tragedy
4. System Exclusion
5. Hope for Nothing


Wednesday, March 4, 2009


C'mon. What the fuck is this shit? It's supposed to be a sheep. Not a bison.

In other news.... I got some cool ass BLACK FLAG and X buttons from the 80s and also a cool STITCHES button in Pasadena along with a ton of Kurt Vonnegut books for $1 a piece.

Stuff that I'll post soon = more PDX stuff (DEATHCHARGE, FINAL MASSAKRE) and more Japanese stuff (FINAL BLOODBATH, DEFECTOR 1st 7").

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Life – “The World Lies Across Them” LP

Excellent crusty hardcore from Japan with a drummer doing some serious rolls all over every track. These guys have actually been around and playing in Japan for years now (probably going back to the early 90s?) and are still currently active. Solid Japanese hardcore/punk (with some occasional hints of metal wankery) that I could see Japanese kids thrashing around to with huge smiles on their faces. This LP was released probably around 2000 but I think I picked mine up a few years after that from Stuart Schrader's excellent distro (what happened to Crust War USA?). Released on the band's own Punk Bastard records. Check it out and I'll also try to upload the 7" I have from them.

1. No Peaceful Purpose For Nuclear Weapons
2. Resist The System
3. Waste Material
4. A Collective Of Indivisuals
5. This Society
6. What’s The Nature?
7. Eco System
8. Our Song
9. Human Centerdeism
10. Don’t Ask Me Why
11. Survive
12. The World Lies Across Them