Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Final Bloodbath - s/t 7"

Total DISCHARGE worship from Japan (as if you couldn't tell from the cover and band name) but something about this band makes them stand out a bit for me more than those other D-Clones (not ragging on D-Clone.... have yet to hear them actually). Nice reverb on the vocals and it's played with good energy.

This was released on PAANKLEVYT (PAANK 010) and comes on nice thick clear vinyl. Of course they also have another 7" on Crust War and ended up evolving into FINAL. Inner sleeve also features very cute photos of the two female members posing for the camera.... Ha!

1. Nothing of Reality
2. For Future
3. We Have Freedom
4. See Through Lies
5. Individual Destruction



Anonymous said...

where did you get this??

M.O.E. said...

Out of my 7" box.... :)

But I guess if you're asking where I bought it... I'm pretty sure I probably ordered this from Stuart/GOTA when it was first released.