Sunday, March 1, 2009

Life – “The World Lies Across Them” LP

Excellent crusty hardcore from Japan with a drummer doing some serious rolls all over every track. These guys have actually been around and playing in Japan for years now (probably going back to the early 90s?) and are still currently active. Solid Japanese hardcore/punk (with some occasional hints of metal wankery) that I could see Japanese kids thrashing around to with huge smiles on their faces. This LP was released probably around 2000 but I think I picked mine up a few years after that from Stuart Schrader's excellent distro (what happened to Crust War USA?). Released on the band's own Punk Bastard records. Check it out and I'll also try to upload the 7" I have from them.

1. No Peaceful Purpose For Nuclear Weapons
2. Resist The System
3. Waste Material
4. A Collective Of Indivisuals
5. This Society
6. What’s The Nature?
7. Eco System
8. Our Song
9. Human Centerdeism
10. Don’t Ask Me Why
11. Survive
12. The World Lies Across Them


Zach said...

Love this band! This LP is so fucking good, definitely my favorite Life release. I wrote to Abe-chan a few months ago offering to do a Life discography CD, but never got a reply. Too bad. Music this good shouldn't stay out of print/expensive!!!

Curious Guy said...

I also wrote to Abe-chan once without reply. But later someone told me he doesn't understand a word of English.

Doug said...


Thanks for posting this. this blog is great.

staplegunned said...

I love Life as well... thanks muchly