Monday, October 12, 2009


Too busy to bother with this shit (as you can see). I haven't ripped any vinyl in months. Since the last update I bought a house, got a dog, and went back to school.... too much shit going on.

I had stuff already ripped that I never posted so maybe I'll just post all that stuff (minus artwork and reviews) in one big list (Seanocide style).


Thursday, July 2, 2009


No updates in a while.... taking a few classes (finally trying to go back to school again) and super-busy with the puppy and the usual stuff to do at work/home.

Finally got another turntable though that is hooked up to the PC so maybe at least that will help things.

Will post more stuff soon.....

Friday, June 12, 2009

Tantrum - "Una Verita Nascosta" 7"

Italian-styled hardcore from Japan released by Overthrow records. Not my favorite release on the label but the vocalist does a good job of making the vocals sound like something coming out of Italy in the 80s. It's funny how the Japanese punks have been aping all the different hardcore sounds/countries in the last few years. Hopefully, they'll eventually do some early Colombia/Mexico raw punk type of stuff.... enough of the Swedish/Finnish/Italian stuff has been done already.

1. Destino
2. Esistenza
3. Tu Non Hai Una Personalita
4. Trasinare
5. Aiutazzioni
6. Coesistenza
7. Una Verita Nascosta

Friday, May 29, 2009

Limp Wrist - one sided 12"

New(ish) 12" from Limp Wrist. Picked up a limited version of this 12" when they played L.A. at the end of 2008.... I guess they ran some "test presses" for their Japanese tour. Anyways, it was a cool show except for the idiot tossing a bottle at the guitarist and splitting his head open. At least he was cool enough to finish the show.... After the crowd pointed out the moron who threw said bottle it seems they were going to kill him but Martin saved his ass by telling them to not kick his ass and to just throw the fucker out. Very nice of him.

I like this 12" a lot since their new(ish) guitarist seems to be showing off his chops more on these songs (which also sounded really good live). I didn't care too much for the last 7" but something about this 12" stood out to me.... songs are tighter/faster and the guitar playing stands out more. Check it out.

1. To The Grave
2. Bought Out
3. Dead Weight
4. Collapse
5. Spun
6. Knuckles
7. S.T.A..

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Neurose Urbana - "Vivendo, Sofrendo E Morrendo!" 7"

First 7" from this d-beat/raw punk band from Brazil released in 2000 on a Finnish label. One of my favorite new (-ish) bands from Brazil... wish they would've released more of this quality stuff on vinyl. Just as good as the best stuff from BESTHOVEN but for some reason they never got the hype. They also have a really good 2nd 7" and a so-so (in my opinion.... but I think I need to go back and hear it again) 12" along with lots of demos and some comp appearances.

1. Rotina Em Alerta
2. Declinio De Corpos
3. Luxuria Para Os Famintos
4. Destrua
5. Eu Nao Preciso Ser Como Voce
6. O Que Passa Nessas Mentes?

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Fastbacks – “… and His Orchestra” LP

Some pop punk from Seattle to offset all the other stuff that's normally posted on here.... I couldn't find a CD download of this so I ripped this for myself mostly. Maybe someone else might be interested in this.... very underrated band in my opinion. One of the few Seattle bands that was there before and after the whole grunge thing blew up after Nirvana but never really got as popular as some of those other (lame) bands. It's funny to hear them talk about the whole "grunge" explosion in the movie "Hype".

They had a few EPs before this but I believe this is their first full-length. All of their albums have at least a few amazing songs... catchy as fuck songs with bubblegum vocals and really cool guitar parts.

1. Seven Days
2. The Light’s On You
3. If You Tried
4. Don’t Cry For Me
5. In The Winter
6.Wrong, Wrong, Wrong
7. K Street
8. You Will Be The One
9. Call It What You Want
10. Set Me Free
11. I Need Some Help

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Maximumrocknroll issues needed...

Anyone have the following issues of MRR they are willing to give up?

1-4, 10, 22, 35-39, 41, 45-49, 52, 62, 73-75, 95, 123-125, 173, 200

I'm trying to complete a whole set.... Have doubles of the following issues for trade:

8, 11, 12, 14, 15, 18, 20, 23, 26, 27, 29, 33, 44, 80, 138, 150, 151 pt.1 &2, 152, 153, 156 pt.1 & 2, 158, 159

Plus, I'd probably also be willing to trade vinyls for the early issues.

Help me out!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Life - "Master of Darkness" 7"

2nd 7" (still need to find a copy of the first 7"!!!!....) from Life from Japan. Good heavy crusty punk.... also check out the LP here. They've been around a long time and finally released a new 3rd 7" a few months back which I just got the other day but I ain't really digging it. Like this stuff a lot more. Either way, I'd probably go apeshit if I ever got the chance to see them live.

1. Instinct
2. Peculiarity of the Twentieth Century
3. Nothing Is Born
4. Chosen Land
5. O.D.A.
6. The Master of Darkness

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nerveskade/Mundo Muerto live

Saw Nerveskade (PDX) again last night along with Mundo Muerto. Nerveskade blew me away again.... Drummer tears it up and they manage to combine their noisy/blown out guitar sounds really well with their bouncy bass.... hard to explain I guess (for some reason I think about RIPCORD and [early] GAI while watching them) and must be experienced live. Super bummed that they had no new music to buy (I bought a button) since I had heard they had a "test press/tour version" of some 7" or something at the beginning of their tour. Guess I'll have to wait for the regular release....

Still haven't really unpacked so I haven't been working on recording any vinyls.... have some stuff I've already uploaded to mediafire that I just need to type out tracklists for/find pictures. So.... more stuff coming soon. I promise!