Friday, May 29, 2009

Limp Wrist - one sided 12"

New(ish) 12" from Limp Wrist. Picked up a limited version of this 12" when they played L.A. at the end of 2008.... I guess they ran some "test presses" for their Japanese tour. Anyways, it was a cool show except for the idiot tossing a bottle at the guitarist and splitting his head open. At least he was cool enough to finish the show.... After the crowd pointed out the moron who threw said bottle it seems they were going to kill him but Martin saved his ass by telling them to not kick his ass and to just throw the fucker out. Very nice of him.

I like this 12" a lot since their new(ish) guitarist seems to be showing off his chops more on these songs (which also sounded really good live). I didn't care too much for the last 7" but something about this 12" stood out to me.... songs are tighter/faster and the guitar playing stands out more. Check it out.

1. To The Grave
2. Bought Out
3. Dead Weight
4. Collapse
5. Spun
6. Knuckles
7. S.T.A..


wendy pakinham said...

i liked their track on the mrr public safety comp (i still buy records myself) so i have high hopes for this. any idea where i can find nightmares 2nd lp?

Buck said...

Good shit you've got here, just wanted to let you know I've linked you - not in an attempt to get a relink, just keep up the good work.


Kupak said...

Check out one of my projects...

un saludo,

Anonymous said...

i was at that show wen he got hit with a bottle im happy i saw limp wrist