Sunday, May 3, 2009

Life - "Master of Darkness" 7"

2nd 7" (still need to find a copy of the first 7"!!!!....) from Life from Japan. Good heavy crusty punk.... also check out the LP here. They've been around a long time and finally released a new 3rd 7" a few months back which I just got the other day but I ain't really digging it. Like this stuff a lot more. Either way, I'd probably go apeshit if I ever got the chance to see them live.

1. Instinct
2. Peculiarity of the Twentieth Century
3. Nothing Is Born
4. Chosen Land
5. O.D.A.
6. The Master of Darkness

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MOSH One said...

Ahhhh, Life! I have to say that Japanese punx/hXc is slept on. 3 of my 10 favorite bands ever are from japan...Life, Creepout & NUMB. I have both Creepout & Numb on vinyl, as both bands did splits with my homies Crowd Deterrent. I wanted to have someone from Numb or Creepout locate Life for me on Vinyl before their trip over...but the language barrier is steep!