Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nerveskade/Mundo Muerto live

Saw Nerveskade (PDX) again last night along with Mundo Muerto. Nerveskade blew me away again.... Drummer tears it up and they manage to combine their noisy/blown out guitar sounds really well with their bouncy bass.... hard to explain I guess (for some reason I think about RIPCORD and [early] GAI while watching them) and must be experienced live. Super bummed that they had no new music to buy (I bought a button) since I had heard they had a "test press/tour version" of some 7" or something at the beginning of their tour. Guess I'll have to wait for the regular release....

Still haven't really unpacked so I haven't been working on recording any vinyls.... have some stuff I've already uploaded to mediafire that I just need to type out tracklists for/find pictures. So.... more stuff coming soon. I promise!


Anonymous said...

yo dude, sorry bout the lack of music to buy! our EP will be out very soon, they weren't gonna be ready in time for tour so we had to do a test press of 100 just to have anything, and it sold out really quick. but i promise our EP will be available in the next few weeks! cheers.


M.O.E. said...

Got the 7" from the distro touring with HJERTESTOP/DESKONOCIDOS.... yes!