Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Impact Unit - "My Friend The Pit" 7"

Hardcore punk (most likely SxE) from the Boston crew. Everyone knows by now that this features Dicky from THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES/"Jimmy Kimmel Live" on vocals.... worth checking out though for more than the novelty factor. The songs are a little more humorous than I expected (songs about being stuck on an island and eating your friend's shit?) but it does fizzle out a bit towards the end. First three songs are total killer though and of course you can't ignore 'My Friends & the Pit' brought back to life by W.H.N.? but also how many other cool songs can you name about "the pit" (The Circle by YOUTH BRIGADE comes to mind...)? I wonder if IMPACT UNIT also had a full-time dude just dancing on-stage with them at all their shows like the BOSSTONES? That'd be sweet.

1. Nightstalker
2. Complain
3. My Friends & the Pit
4. I'd Eat Your Shit
5. Dead Meat
6. Regular Boys Haircut

Sunday, December 28, 2008

V/A - "Shizouka City Hard Core" flexi ep

Another older post previously posted on Lalo's blog to tide you over until my internet is fixed..... This one's another regional flexi by MCR (MCR-042) with a good mix of bands. Not sure if the guy who drew the cover has a hard time drawing fingers or the old lady robber is holding eggs... Everything from traditional japanese hardcore to straight up thrashy stuff on this one. When has a flexi with Japanese bands ever sucked?

01. ネコ
02. Your Life Is

03. How To Live
04. Like A Beast For Myself

05. Esper
06. Asonk

07. Out Cast
08. 1/5 Oz

Friday, December 26, 2008

Sex/Vid - "Nests" EP

3rd 7" from the almighty SEX/VID. If you haven't yet, check out their 2nd 7"I also uploaded here. I think this record captures SEX/VID's live sound a little better than the 2nd 7"... "Exorcism" is my favorite track on this one. The last song though kinda sounds like "I Wanna Be Your Dog" by IGGY and the STOOGES. Either way, a must listen but what the fuck is up with this band and their limited pressings? I saw 1 (only 1!!!) distro get that 4th (live) 7" and it was sold out in less than a day.... Repress that 1st EP too already (or maybe Lalo will trade me his?).

1. Nests
2. Exorcism
3. Always Home

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Best records of 2008? I don't know because a year is too damn long... I can't remember everything I bought and I definitely can't remember if things were in early 2008 or late 2007. With that in mind, highlights (probably leaning very heavily towards the later months of 2008 since I know they were for sure in 2008).


The Estranged - live at Gus' pad (twice) and ALL records (LP, 3 7"s, and the split with Autistic Youth). Great band live and none of the records disappoint. Amazing punk for fans of MISSION OF BURMAN, WIPERS, etc... blah.

AUTISTIC YOUTH - ALL records released in '08. I think the LP and maybe some others might be from the prior year but who cares... I just got it and I think most of their stuff came out this year. Great melodic punk band (also from PDX!) that makes me think of the ADOLESCENTS a lot.. maybe if NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS had a baby with THE ADOLESCENTS it would equal this band? Something like that.....

GAUZE - 5th LP This thing just totally blew me away. I really can't believe that dudes old enough to be my dad are playing shit this intense. So fucking amazing.

MASSHYSTERI - 7" This band is sooooo good. Somehow even better than their previous band THE VICIOUS but I think that band was going in this direction anyway (based on the last 7"). I'm sure the new full-length would make my list but I'm still waiting for the vinyl on that one (CDs = suck).

LEATHERFACE - Live I was so bummed that I missed out on them at Chaos in Tejas... luckily they also played some West Coast dates.

INVASION - It's like fucking KURO in Spanish. Killer!

VAURIO - Sortoa Ja Vainoa 7" Killer Finnish punk.... I still can't get over how good some of those 80s Finnish punk bands are. The first track alone blows away most other records I heard this year. It's old stuff reissued this year so it still counts.....

V/A TOKYO CRUSTIES COMP 7" I know it's not new but I finally scored a copy on vinyl! Yay me! And only $6 too.....

Honorable mentions go to: NN s/t 7", SEX/VID "communal living" 12", the PJ BONNEMAN solo 7", PORTISHEAD live

I might add more as I remember what else came out this year.....


3rd Night of LATINO PUNK FEST - Biggest group of assholes combined. Ever. Luckily CRUDOS made up for it by putting on an excellent "make-up" show a month later.

Flyers - As in, lack of them. No one makes flyers anymore.... I hate this.

Stomach viruses - I'm still getting over it.... stuck eating mostly bananas, rice, crackers and applesauce. I want to eat normal food again!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Assault-"S/T" EP

First EP by Assault from Japan... amazing Japanese hardcore with really melodic/epic overtones. The soundtrack to the world coming to an end. I got this from a friend in Mexicali. He didn’t care for it so I think I traded him a FRAMTID LP for it (I had 3 at that time….I was in LOVE with that LP). I got to see them live at Gilman but by then they had a different singer who was more concerned with chewing gum than rocking out. Released in 2000 on Loud Hatred Records and they also have another 7" and 12" on Partners In Crime as well as a CD on HG Fact.

1. Pain
2. Frail
3. Feel Nothing

Friday, December 19, 2008

Gorilla Angreb/Lokum - "Split In Half" 7"

Split 7" on the Hjernespind label from a few years back with a 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' theme running throughout both bands songs. The GORILLA ANGREB track (the reason why I'm sure most people bought/own this) was re-released on the discography LP/CD so that's fairly easy to get ahold of and you already know whether you like them or not so we'll focus on the flipside. LOKUM's first song is a so-so instrumental but the 2nd song is pretty good.... very KBD type punk complete with added chainsaw sound effects. The haunting little guitar melody is good sounds for chasing someone with a chainsaw until they jump into a moving truck and get away. Then all you can do is wave your chainsaw angrily in the air as they speed off....

1. Gorilla Angreb - Motorsavsmasahahakren
2. Lokum - Ghost
3. Lokum - The Saw is the Law

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Warhead-"Cry of truth" EP

Amazing Japanese hardcore from 1991. I think this is one of the best Japanese hardcore EPs out there... a classic! Definitely in my Top 10 EPs from Japan. Originally self-released by the band and then later reissued by Devour.

01. Cry of Truth
02. Suicide
03. Fight With No Fear
04. You In Corruption
05. Your On Crime

Monday, December 15, 2008

NN - s/t 7"

Four tracks of catchy as fuck raw punk from the Bay Area. Of course this will get lots of attention since it features Martin (CRUDOS), but it stands on its own merits. The song 'Trapos' is my favorite on this EP and it's probably the catchiest thing I've ever heard Martin be a part of. Great lyrics too. These guys were one of the best bands on the 2nd night of Latino Fest.... too bad no one was there to see it. I find it pretty ironic that 800+ people showed up to see LOS CRUDOS (Martin's band from 10 yrs ago) but didn't bother to show up to watch NN. 10 years from now they'll probably be waiting around for NN to do a reunion show... Yes it's cool to check out a band you love and never got to see but support the new punk bands too!

1. Buitres
2. Ataque De Nervios
3. Panico
4. Trapos

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Daston - "Plow Through Now" 7"

3 track 7" released a few years ago by Blood Sucker Records. They also had a split 7" with GOUKA but other than that I really don't know too much about them. Brutal Japanese hardcore from Morioka City, Japan.

01. Mope
02. Insist...
03. Keep up on attack

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sex/Vid - "Tania" EP

2nd EP by this Olympia,WA hardcore/punk band. I wish I had the 1st 7" to compare it to but alas it has not yet made its way into my grubby hands (someone wanna trade/sell me their copy?). Great band live with some twisted guitar feedback/guitar strangling (remind me a lot of early BLACK FLAG/VOID where the guitar is just on that breaking point of falling apart but somehow that shit all holds together well. Not really 'solos' but just these random bits and pieces of cool guitar bits...make sense?) and demented vocals. Everytime I've seen them live they totally blow out my eardrums... not sure if they do it on purpose but it seems like everything's always at '10' with these guys and gal. 'Tania' is the fucking winner on this one but the rest is really good too. One of the few current US hardcore bands I actually enjoy.... most others are just rehash/overrated in my opinion. Bonus points for the guitarist wearing a tye-dyed shirt and some hippie type beads around his neck but being more punk than you! Check out the new 12" that was just released too!

1. Firm Grasp
2. Misprint
3. Suspended Daylight
4. Tania

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Amdi Petersens Arme-"S/T" ep

Killer hardcore punk from Denmark on KickNPunch records. This opened my eyes to all the great punk/HC coming out of Denmark (No Hope for the Kids, Gorilla Angreb, Young Wasteners, Asbest, etc..). When I first heard this I wasn't sure if this was a reissue or this was a modern band... the recording on this sounds like all the great hc records from the 80s. Their 2nd 7" is also crucial.... I'm so glad I got to see them live when they came to the States. I heard there will be a discography LP soon? I hope so and I hope it's got some unreleased stuff on it.

01. De Hjernedodes Nat
02. Truffet
03. Alt Er Ved Det Samme
04. Stalinjugend
05. Skate Og Do
06. Ikk' Igen
07. Sang Nummer Syv
08. A.P.A.'s Antipolitisang

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Neanderthal - "Fighting Music" 7"

Powerviolence classic featuring INFEST and MAN IS THE BASTARD members. The first 2 songs on Side A are ok and remind me more of MITB... but they don't really get me moving. Side B though is what makes this EP worth listening to... Perfect mix of Infest + MITB. Fucking brutal hardcore that first punches you in the face then (slowly) smashes your balls.
So which will come out first: the official NEANDERTHAL CD or the official INFEST CD? I wouldn't hold my breath for any... but I hope that the NEANDERTHAL CD has the tracks from that unreleased 7" that I saw a test press of on Ebay a few years ago. Huge thanks to Lalo for trading this record to me!

1. Crawl
2. Neuter
3. Brain Tourniquet
4. Mind Eraser
5. Kill, Eat and Breed

Friday, December 5, 2008

Neuroottiset Pelimannit-"Sita Saa Mita Tilaa" ep

Amazing Finnish hardcore from 2001. Crazy vocalist with cool bass lines and drum parts... I don't know why no one talks about these guys because most modern Finnish hardcore really sucks in my opinon. What happened? Too much metal wankery over there now.... Anyways, these guys also had a split 7" w/Tartunta (the NP songs on that are also killer) and another full length 7" (which didn't do much for me but maybe I need to go back and listen to it again) after this first EP. Enjoy!

1. Ala palvo rahaa (Don't adore money)
2. Miten niin? (How?)
3. Olemisen vitutus (Fucked up 'cause of being)
4. No tekee vaarin (They're doing wrong)
5. Vuodatus (Effusion)
6. Kyrpaa ja nyrkiia (Incest and fist)
7. Tappakaa mut (Kill me)
8. Nazi polizai

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Vindictives "Rocks In My Head" 7"

This is a little bit of a curveball compared to the other stuff I've been posting but good punk is good punk.
Great pop punk on Lookout from the 90s. Although they are also from Chicago no one really seems to get as excited about them like they do for SCREECHING WEASEL (Ben Weasel was actually in the band for a bit....). Maybe it has something to do with the unique vocal stylings of Mr. Joey Vindictive but I think that adds to its charm. In my opinion the best thing to hear is the (unfortunately now OOP) CD/2xLP on Lookout "The Many Moods Of..." compiling all the VINDICTIVES early singles/comp tracks but this EP kills as well. Plus, it's not on that sorta discography so it's worth posting up on its own. I promise that "Rocks In My Head" will get stuck in your head (hmmm....)

1.Rocks In My Head
2.Another Bad Day
3.Right Before Your Eyes

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

v/a-"Tokyo Santama City hard core" flexi ep

This was also originally listed on

Flexi released by MCR (MCR-040) probably from around 1991 or so. You can't go wrong with Japanese hardcore especially when it’s on a flexi and it’s from the late 80s/early 90s. Super cool drawing on the cover of some pit action with all punk/hc types represented.

1. Less Haze-Open Your Eyes/Can't You Go Back
2. Rinjyu Zange-Time Without Night
3. G.J.P.B.-Guaranteed Society

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

CRUDOS/DESPISE YOU/CROM this Saturday afternoon

So the "makeup" show for October's Latino Fest is this Saturday afternoon and truth be told I'm not even looking forward to it. I love LOS CRUDOS but their attempt to play at Latino Fest was a total disaster. CRUDOS meant (and still mean) a lot to me but there is no point in them playing to a bunch of drunken macho assholes. I already paid so I might as well go but I'm not expecting anything great. The only saving grace for this show is the fact that they only have the 3 bands that didn't get to play playing. 3 hours probably won't allow enough time for everyone to get wasted and belligerent.... Plus CROM had some funny banter the last time I saw them but I couldn't even see them (ditto for DESPISE YOU) when I "saw" them at some warehouse in downtown last year. The space had a big skate ramp where the bands played but no stage and everyone was crowding around the bands. I'm not a tall fucker and I wasn't feeling all the sweat so I mostly listened from the back. I'm hoping this place at least has a stage.

Anyways, read more chisme (gossip for you gringos) about Latinos fucking up their own fest here:

and here:

Monday, December 1, 2008

Exhale-"Strive Against Fate" ep

Great traditional Japanese hardcore from 2001 (?) on Throw Up Records (Throw Up #01). For some reason no one ever really mentions these guys... very underrated band with some great songs. They also have split 7"s with DIALLO and the almighty SKITKIDS that are also great.

01. Trap Under Silence
02. Cut Off Darkness
03. Break Illusion
04. Shout For Reality
Another record I originally posted on that I'm bringing over while I record other stuff.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

v/a-"Cry of soul" ep

Originally posted on Lalo's but I'm trying to collect all my stuff together on my own blog.

I bought this off Felix/LIFE’S HALT when he was selling off most of his collection a few years ago… I still regret not buying more stuff off of him (esp. that really cool SLAP A HAM records t-shirt). Anyways, 7" Comp. released by Crow (Crow Records 3) featuring 1 track each from HIS HERO IS GONE (USA), SELFISH (Finland), FINAL BOMBS (Japan) and CROW (Japan). This came out around 1999 I think and I'm pretty sure the HHIG and SELFISH tracks were re-released later but not sure about the Japanese band tracks. Either way.... good shit!

1. His Hero Is Gone-Disinformation Age
2. Selfish-To Do One's Duty
3. Final Bombs-No Turning Back
4. Crow-Wind Of Hell

Friday, November 28, 2008

No Hope For The Kids - "Das Reich/Secret Police" 7"

You can't go wrong with this band... excellent melodic punk from Copenhagen. Side A is excellent especially the sound of the boots stomping away in the middle of the song.... However the B side is the song on here that really brings home the bacon... from the beginning where the bass warbles in to the guitar solo that sounds like it was played underwater all the way to the end. Punk perfection!

1. Das Reich

Friday, November 21, 2008

Tragedy - "Can We Call This Life?" 7"

I've seen this 7" floating around online but the two times I've downloaded it (from 2 different sources and probably a few years apart) it fucking skipped during "The Ending Fight"... WTF! Stop stealing other people's rips... especially if they skip. Anyways, here it is in all it's non-skipping glory. This 7" was released after the first TRAGEDY LP but right before the 2nd one came out from what I can remember.... amazing songs on this so I don't know why this hasn't been reissued or pressed on some CD or something yet. "The Ending Fight" gives me chills every time I listen to it.... it's that fucking good. It is THE punk anthem, the song to listen to as the bombs are dropping... aargh. TRAGEDY... the only band that matters.

1. The Ending Fight
2. The Waiting
3. Life?

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