Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Best records of 2008? I don't know because a year is too damn long... I can't remember everything I bought and I definitely can't remember if things were in early 2008 or late 2007. With that in mind, highlights (probably leaning very heavily towards the later months of 2008 since I know they were for sure in 2008).


The Estranged - live at Gus' pad (twice) and ALL records (LP, 3 7"s, and the split with Autistic Youth). Great band live and none of the records disappoint. Amazing punk for fans of MISSION OF BURMAN, WIPERS, etc... blah.

AUTISTIC YOUTH - ALL records released in '08. I think the LP and maybe some others might be from the prior year but who cares... I just got it and I think most of their stuff came out this year. Great melodic punk band (also from PDX!) that makes me think of the ADOLESCENTS a lot.. maybe if NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS had a baby with THE ADOLESCENTS it would equal this band? Something like that.....

GAUZE - 5th LP This thing just totally blew me away. I really can't believe that dudes old enough to be my dad are playing shit this intense. So fucking amazing.

MASSHYSTERI - 7" This band is sooooo good. Somehow even better than their previous band THE VICIOUS but I think that band was going in this direction anyway (based on the last 7"). I'm sure the new full-length would make my list but I'm still waiting for the vinyl on that one (CDs = suck).

LEATHERFACE - Live I was so bummed that I missed out on them at Chaos in Tejas... luckily they also played some West Coast dates.

INVASION - It's like fucking KURO in Spanish. Killer!

VAURIO - Sortoa Ja Vainoa 7" Killer Finnish punk.... I still can't get over how good some of those 80s Finnish punk bands are. The first track alone blows away most other records I heard this year. It's old stuff reissued this year so it still counts.....

V/A TOKYO CRUSTIES COMP 7" I know it's not new but I finally scored a copy on vinyl! Yay me! And only $6 too.....

Honorable mentions go to: NN s/t 7", SEX/VID "communal living" 12", the PJ BONNEMAN solo 7", PORTISHEAD live

I might add more as I remember what else came out this year.....


3rd Night of LATINO PUNK FEST - Biggest group of assholes combined. Ever. Luckily CRUDOS made up for it by putting on an excellent "make-up" show a month later.

Flyers - As in, lack of them. No one makes flyers anymore.... I hate this.

Stomach viruses - I'm still getting over it.... stuck eating mostly bananas, rice, crackers and applesauce. I want to eat normal food again!

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