Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Vindictives "Rocks In My Head" 7"

This is a little bit of a curveball compared to the other stuff I've been posting but good punk is good punk.
Great pop punk on Lookout from the 90s. Although they are also from Chicago no one really seems to get as excited about them like they do for SCREECHING WEASEL (Ben Weasel was actually in the band for a bit....). Maybe it has something to do with the unique vocal stylings of Mr. Joey Vindictive but I think that adds to its charm. In my opinion the best thing to hear is the (unfortunately now OOP) CD/2xLP on Lookout "The Many Moods Of..." compiling all the VINDICTIVES early singles/comp tracks but this EP kills as well. Plus, it's not on that sorta discography so it's worth posting up on its own. I promise that "Rocks In My Head" will get stuck in your head (hmmm....)

1.Rocks In My Head
2.Another Bad Day
3.Right Before Your Eyes


Nemesio El Amargado said...

hey M.O.E.!...i want to recuest something, mexicore demos...or some japcore...up with the punks? fuck the punks!

metachnet said...

Vindictives are still alive ! :)))
Ugly American is good too, and Rocks In My Head is really in my head:
Thanks for this post.

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance you could upload some other Vindictives material? I can't find any on the web.