Sunday, December 7, 2008

Amdi Petersens Arme-"S/T" ep

Killer hardcore punk from Denmark on KickNPunch records. This opened my eyes to all the great punk/HC coming out of Denmark (No Hope for the Kids, Gorilla Angreb, Young Wasteners, Asbest, etc..). When I first heard this I wasn't sure if this was a reissue or this was a modern band... the recording on this sounds like all the great hc records from the 80s. Their 2nd 7" is also crucial.... I'm so glad I got to see them live when they came to the States. I heard there will be a discography LP soon? I hope so and I hope it's got some unreleased stuff on it.

01. De Hjernedodes Nat
02. Truffet
03. Alt Er Ved Det Samme
04. Stalinjugend
05. Skate Og Do
06. Ikk' Igen
07. Sang Nummer Syv
08. A.P.A.'s Antipolitisang

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