Friday, December 5, 2008

Neuroottiset Pelimannit-"Sita Saa Mita Tilaa" ep

Amazing Finnish hardcore from 2001. Crazy vocalist with cool bass lines and drum parts... I don't know why no one talks about these guys because most modern Finnish hardcore really sucks in my opinon. What happened? Too much metal wankery over there now.... Anyways, these guys also had a split 7" w/Tartunta (the NP songs on that are also killer) and another full length 7" (which didn't do much for me but maybe I need to go back and listen to it again) after this first EP. Enjoy!

1. Ala palvo rahaa (Don't adore money)
2. Miten niin? (How?)
3. Olemisen vitutus (Fucked up 'cause of being)
4. No tekee vaarin (They're doing wrong)
5. Vuodatus (Effusion)
6. Kyrpaa ja nyrkiia (Incest and fist)
7. Tappakaa mut (Kill me)
8. Nazi polizai

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Anonymous said...

The main problem (or virtue) of Finncore has usually been muddy production and horrifyingly awful artwork. it's been like that since the very early 80s. The newer bands I hear coming out carry that torch still brillinatly, yet I think suffer the most musically from really blah choices in riffs.