Sunday, December 21, 2008

Assault-"S/T" EP

First EP by Assault from Japan... amazing Japanese hardcore with really melodic/epic overtones. The soundtrack to the world coming to an end. I got this from a friend in Mexicali. He didn’t care for it so I think I traded him a FRAMTID LP for it (I had 3 at that time….I was in LOVE with that LP). I got to see them live at Gilman but by then they had a different singer who was more concerned with chewing gum than rocking out. Released in 2000 on Loud Hatred Records and they also have another 7" and 12" on Partners In Crime as well as a CD on HG Fact.

1. Pain
2. Frail
3. Feel Nothing

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Chairmaker said...

Thanks for this. I have their cd releases an liked them a lot but I hadn't been able to track this one down.