Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Impact Unit - "My Friend The Pit" 7"

Hardcore punk (most likely SxE) from the Boston crew. Everyone knows by now that this features Dicky from THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES/"Jimmy Kimmel Live" on vocals.... worth checking out though for more than the novelty factor. The songs are a little more humorous than I expected (songs about being stuck on an island and eating your friend's shit?) but it does fizzle out a bit towards the end. First three songs are total killer though and of course you can't ignore 'My Friends & the Pit' brought back to life by W.H.N.? but also how many other cool songs can you name about "the pit" (The Circle by YOUTH BRIGADE comes to mind...)? I wonder if IMPACT UNIT also had a full-time dude just dancing on-stage with them at all their shows like the BOSSTONES? That'd be sweet.

1. Nightstalker
2. Complain
3. My Friends & the Pit
4. I'd Eat Your Shit
5. Dead Meat
6. Regular Boys Haircut

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