Friday, January 2, 2009

D-Starve - "Destroy A Person's Dreams Destroy A Person's Hopes" 7"

Good Japanese hardcore 7" from 1992 out of Nagoya. "Limited Edition 500 Copies" according to the back of the sleeve and this was most likely released by the band since it is Destroy and Starve:03. Interesting cover art of some dude (or girl?) holding some skulls possibly after their hopes and/or dreams were destroyed? Features Hiro (C.F.D.L.) on backing vocals.... I'm pretty sure they also have a split 7" but I don't own it. Maybe someday.....

01. Die back
02. Japanese title 1
03. Easy to break
04. Cross
05. Japanese title 2

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James said...


Thanks for posting this great record! If you post a scan of the back w/ the song titles, I can get my wife to translate them for you (so you don't have to list them as "Japanese title").

Keep up the good work w/ your blog!