Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Vomits - "Reckless Cow!" EP

Another post originally from Lalo's blog (I didn't know I had recorded this much.... still it's good filler in between the other new recordings)

Great flexi of really catchy punk rock from Japan on Stomping Records (Stomping Record 005). I don't know anything at all about this band except that my brother got it from a pen pal in Japan he was trading Misfits stuff with.... I think it was his band. So I guess this is from around the late 80s... no date listed on the record. If anyone knows where to find more stuff from the Vomits.... please share! The last track even ends with a bomb blast (which always scores big points with me). One of my most prized records.

01. Stomp Out The R&R!
02. Diving In Love
03. This Is The Rebel Soul
04. Viva La Nuclear Party

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dodoi said...

The sound source of Stomping Record is good!

It improves to my blog if there is a chance.