Saturday, January 3, 2009

No Hope For the Kids - "Angels of Destruction" 7"

Second 7" from NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS which came out some time after the other I uploaded here. In my opinion this one's not as strong as that first 7" but it's still probably better than most punk records put out in the last few years anyway.... Still with the WWII theme and the B side again (in the old days the "hit" was on side A while the B side was a bit of a throwaway track... guess someone forgot to tell NHFTK and the label Backwards Masking) is stronger than side A. It's very reminiscent of THE MISFITS and will get stuck in your head. Seriously, one of my favorite bands.... so what the hell happened?! Did they break up or what?? I needs more songs!

1. Angels of Destruction
2. Cold Touch of Death

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Michael said...

I'm glad someone else agrees that Cold Touch of Death is the clear winner on this ep.