Monday, January 19, 2009

Life's Halt - "We Sold Our Souls For Hardcore" EP

First 7" released by Life's Halt from L.A. I can't even count how many times I saw these guys live... for a while it seemed like they were on every good show happening in SoCal. Shows at the PCH, LaFayette, Koo's Cafe, Headline, The Smell, etc... definitely one of the best bands live and a great bunch of dudes (well at least Ernie and Felix... never really talked to the other dudes although I did see Charlie at a bachelor party years later for a mutual friend). Musically, it's fast hardcore bordering on that straight-edge sound (which makes sense since some of those dudes were heavily into SxE for years) and even reminds me of YOUTH OF TODAY due to Ernie's vocal style.

I never thought the records did them much justice, kinda tame compared to their live sets. Not that I don't like the band but I just don't play their records too often because I think they were recorded/produced pretty poorly. There is none of the intensity that their live shows had. Maybe if you never saw them live or heard their recorded music before actually witnessing them live.... For me, it was the other way around. I saw them play a ton of times before finally listening to the demo and the records. Anyways, check it out.

1. More Than Once
2. In My Face
3. Get In The Pit!
4. Why We Are
5. Headline
6. Ten Thousand Strong
7. Make It Right
8. Monster Joe
9. Appraise

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