Saturday, January 10, 2009

LEBENDEN TOTEN new stuff + live

Just got back from the 2nd of two LEBENDEN TOTEN shows. Playing the new LP as I type this.... probably my favorite thing they've done so far (although the first 7" is pretty high up there too...). Seriously, the song 'Near Dark' is soooo fuckin' good. I fell in love with the song live and even though I've already sent out for the LP through the mail I bought another copy today from the band just so I wouldn't have to wait to listen to that song again. Fuck! This band sounds so much tighter live now than the last time I saw them (about 3 or 4 years ago?). The pogo parts fucking kill too. Big thanks to Gus for having the band play these two shows locally before flying back home to Portland after their Japan/Australia/New Zealand tour. Also, fellow PDX band NERVESKADE was really good too. Got their demo and I'll be sure to pick up their vinyl releases as they come out.


sorteslyngel said...

Hey great blog, is it possible for you to share the Nerveskade demo on here? I've searched everywhere for some sound by them, but it is impossible to find anything.

Also, is there a story behind the name? Because i'm from denmark, and it's a Danish word:)

M.O.E. said...

I can't record tapes right now unfortunately.... all I have is a PC and a turntable connected directly to it.

Don't know about the band's name choice. But according to the tape there's a few 7"s being released soon so hopefully when those come out I can make recordings of those and post on here.

Anonymous said...

I'll be ripping the Nerveskade demo tonight (if that's not stepping on your balls Moe).

I loved Near Dark too.

M.O.E. said...

No way man. You'd be doing me a favor... It's probably going to be a while until I can rip tapes. If you rip it I can upload onto my iPod and rock that shit on the way to work. :)

Nemesio El Amargado said...

hey m.o.e., are you gonna sell the extra lebenden toten lp? i will like to buy it off you...up with the punks? fuck the punks!

Nerveskade said...

The name Nerveskade is derived from the Norwegian word for nerve damage. If anyone wants tapes, write to us and we'll get you one. Thanks for the interest. Our EP will be out soon on Lebenden Toten's Whisper in Darkness label...we've just been slacking on the artwork.

15 N. Lombard St
Portland, OR