Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fuck On The Beach - "Live at Fiesta Grande #7" CD

Live CD released by the band on their own label, Killed By Fast Records. I'm not a huge fan of later/current FOTB but I still stand behind their early stuff (1st 7", split w/Carcass Grinder, and their stuff on that 4x7" box set "Tomorrow Will Be Worse"). I didn't even care much for their first LP on Slap A Ham (even though it contained re-recordings of many of the songs off their earlier releases). Anyways, this CD is in my collection (I don't care for CDs.... even less live ones) mostly because I was at this show so it's a cool document of a show I attended. Plus, I was a huge fan of them at the time. It was a fun weekend (bought so many records.... plus got to see LACK OF INTEREST, CAPITALIST CASUALTIES, SPAZZ, FOTB, etc...) and this ended up being the last "Fiesta Grande" (and the only one I ever got to attend). It was so awesome to make the drive up north (or take the Greyhound as we did a few times) and see amazing bands at Gilman and buy a shitload of records.... don't really do that anymore or at least I haven't in a long time. Anyways, check it out. You already know whether you like these guys or not.

FYI, it's just one long track since all songs pretty much meld into each other but here's the listing on the back:

Chris Dodge Speaking
Fuck On The Beach
Whose Partner Are You?
No Jealousy
Ought To Regret
Tammy Fuck Off
Throat Or Die
Don't Call Out
Where Do You Work?
Betrayed Again
Alone In Your Room
What's The Truth?
I Cannot Stop Fall In Love
Next Saturday
Never No Skin Fuck
Fuck On The Beach
Ride On Timing
Suddenly Insert
Loco Girl
Fuck On The Beach

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