Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kruw - s/t 7"

Japanese punk on Partners in Crime (PIC 023) released a few years ago. From what I can remember this was originally released as a CD (or CD-r demo) in Japan and Partners in Crime was nice enough to press it to vinyl for us geeks. If I remember correctly they only pressed between 500-1000 and it sold out pretty fast. It's a little different than what I would normally expect from this label. It's more on the "fastcore" JELLYROLL ROCKHEADS/EXCLAIM/FUTURES side of the Japanese punk world.... most of the other releases on this label tend to fall towards the more "traditional" Japanese sounds (ie ROCKY AND THE SWEDEN, ASBESTOS, ASSAULT, etc..) but it's still really cool even though I do tend to prefer the traditional style myself. Plus, it's a cool ass cover with Japanese punks wearing leather and one's even packing a bazooka! Looks more like a poster to a sequel to BURST CITY or WILD ZERO. The only downer? The fake OBI strip on the cover. It's printed on the cover. Not a real OBI strip.... sigh.

1. The Punx
2. War
3. Distorted Society
4. Seizon

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