Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Infierno De Cobardes - "Ciudad Monstruosa" 7"

4 Track 7" of total DISCHARGE worship from Spain released a few years ago. I swear this dude just took Discharge songs, re-recorded/played all the instruments himself and then created some new lyrics in Spanish. It's actually a one-man band featuring Teodoro (who was also in DESTRUCCION, OTAN, and I think SIDA too?) who is a total D-beat fanatic.... this is the 2nd 7" I think but I have yet to hear the 1st one.

1. Ansiedad
2. Perversion
3. Invulnerable
4. Ciudad Monstruosa



Anonymous said...

your description is so right on! haha

Anonymous said...

THanx for post this!!
dbeat or die!
un saludo desde espaƱa!