Saturday, January 31, 2009

Born Dead Icons -"Modern Plague" ep

4 Track EP from 2001 (shit... has it been that long?) from these Canadians. 1st EP and LP from this band are so-so (still have their moments though) but after that everything is AMAZING. Most reviews label them as AMEBIX + MOTORHEAD and I can see where that comes from but it's much better than that in my opinion. Much more melody and AMEBIX is beyond overrated.... sorry but it's true. This is the sound of driving around in a post-apocalyptic world fighting some buff dude in a hockey mask for gasoline. Anyway, I guess this is OOP now and I don't think it's on any of their CDs.... great cover of the WIPERS' "Doomtown" too. Check it out and also check out COMPLICATIONS (hoping to upload the demo soon...) which features some members of BORN DEAD ICONS.

01. Modern Plague
02. Privacy Extinct
03. Doomtown
04. Effigies

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fuck On The Beach - "Live at Fiesta Grande #7" CD

Live CD released by the band on their own label, Killed By Fast Records. I'm not a huge fan of later/current FOTB but I still stand behind their early stuff (1st 7", split w/Carcass Grinder, and their stuff on that 4x7" box set "Tomorrow Will Be Worse"). I didn't even care much for their first LP on Slap A Ham (even though it contained re-recordings of many of the songs off their earlier releases). Anyways, this CD is in my collection (I don't care for CDs.... even less live ones) mostly because I was at this show so it's a cool document of a show I attended. Plus, I was a huge fan of them at the time. It was a fun weekend (bought so many records.... plus got to see LACK OF INTEREST, CAPITALIST CASUALTIES, SPAZZ, FOTB, etc...) and this ended up being the last "Fiesta Grande" (and the only one I ever got to attend). It was so awesome to make the drive up north (or take the Greyhound as we did a few times) and see amazing bands at Gilman and buy a shitload of records.... don't really do that anymore or at least I haven't in a long time. Anyways, check it out. You already know whether you like these guys or not.

FYI, it's just one long track since all songs pretty much meld into each other but here's the listing on the back:

Chris Dodge Speaking
Fuck On The Beach
Whose Partner Are You?
No Jealousy
Ought To Regret
Tammy Fuck Off
Throat Or Die
Don't Call Out
Where Do You Work?
Betrayed Again
Alone In Your Room
What's The Truth?
I Cannot Stop Fall In Love
Next Saturday
Never No Skin Fuck
Fuck On The Beach
Ride On Timing
Suddenly Insert
Loco Girl
Fuck On The Beach

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blah pt.2

Updated the trade list. A couple of things are gone (hopefully the dudes sending don't flake) and I also added a few more things I found that I have for trade that I missed for some reason.

Final Conflict – “The American Scream” 7”

Four track 7" of metallic hardcore/punk from Final Conflict released around 1992 or so on Nemesis Records. I know they were originally around in the mid to late 80s so I'm pretty sure this is their first release after getting back together (unless they never broke up?). I don't know but I must've seen them live all around SoCal at least a hundred times around between 1996 to 1999 or somewhere around there. Not sure about the rest of the band but at least Ron the vocalist and Jeff the guitarist were part of the original lineup so it was still fun times..... I think they re-recorded most of these songs for their 2nd LP Rebirth (which is also good) with the exception of the last track "A Mind Is...". One of my favorite records but I'm sure I'm a little biased due to seeing them live so much in my younger days.

1. The American Scream
2. Inhuman Nature
3. Territorial Rites
4. A Mind Is…

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Religious War-"S/T" ep

3 track 7" of PDX punk (although only 2 songs are listed on the back cover). This is Religious War's 1st 7" and although I prefer the 2nd 7" "Asylum" (raw perfection!) this is still worth checking out. This is on Spent Round Records and has some nice artwork on the inside sleeve of studded jackets, automatic rifles, and dildos (punk!). Members are now in ROTTEN CADAVER and I'm sure were in a bunch of other PDX bands... will someone please build a PDX punk band family tree? Anyways, check it out and check out their 2nd 7" which can be found here.

01. Judgement
02. Blurred Vision
03. Green Bitch

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bomb Heaven-"S/T" EP

3 Track 7" of PDX hardcore punk... not much to say except that if you are a fan of BLOOD SPIT NIGHTS, DOG SOLDIER, MASSKONTROLL (this reminded me of them for some reason...), and those millions of other PDX punk bands then you'll probably enjoy this. I guess this was originally on Doomsday records and then repressed on Black Water? I didn't think they were around anymore but apparently there is an LP coming out soonish on Black Water so who knows?

1. Warfear
2. In The End
3. Prisoner For Life

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blah/Trade List

Gonna try to post all the remaining stuff originally on Lalo's blog soon just to get it out of the way (don't know why I even started... probably should've just left it there but I'm very anal and feel the need to have all my crap here together on one blog). Besides that stuff, I have a few EPs and surprisingly a few 12"s (one CD release even!) to post soon so there'll be plenty of stuff coming. I just wish I had a scanner.... either I steal photos found online or take them with a digital camera (which don't look too good).

Special thanks to those that have been leaving comments...

Have the following records for trade if anyone's interested (also posted this on the Profane board):

Knugen Faller - "Skellefte Stadshotell" 7" (red vinyl)
Hellshock - "Warlord" EP
Besthoven - "To The Hell With Them All!!" 7" (Japanese covers 7")
Mankind? - "Won't You Join The Army..." 7" (Eugene records)
Mankind?/D.I.R.T. 7" (Tribal War/clear vinyl)
Mankind?/Final Warning 7" (Tribal War)
Worms' Meat "Four Stupid Brains" 7"
Zoe - "From Hell" 7" (Crust War)
V/A "Mie City Hardcore 2" (MCR)
Hellshock - "Arrows to the Poor" 7" (Whispers in Darkness)
UBR - "Yugoslavia Panic" 7" (Crust War)
No Hope For the Kids - "Angels of Destruction" 7" (Backwards Masking)
Neurose Urbana - "Morte Caotica" 7"
Gorilla Angreb 1st 7" (KicknPunch) yellow vinyl
Lebenden Toten - "Nuclear Flowers"
Effigy - "Grinding Metal Massacre" 7" (Crust War)
Tragedy - "Can We Call This Life?" 7"
Defector - 5 Track EP 7" (Crust War)
What Happens Next? - "Ahora Mas Que Nunca" 7" (Lengua Armada)
Tetsu-Arrey - "Rocket/Core" (HG Fact)
Punch In The Face 1st 7" (Lengua Armada)
Forward - "Feel the Core of Self" (HG Fact)
Asbestos - s/t 7" (Hibachi)
V/A "Kobenhavn I Ruiner" 2x7" (Kicknpunch)
Reality Crisis-"Open the Door..." LP (1st press Answer Records)
Histeria Vol.1 LP (Lengua Armada)
Limp Wrist LP (1st press on Lengua Armada)
GISM - "Live 1982-1983" LP
Contrast Attitude/Acrostix LP (Crust War)
SS "Original SS" clear vinyl 12"

Some random wants off the top of my head:

MK-Ultra - "Stick Figure" 7"
Los Crudos - "Last Stand" LP
Capitalist Casualties - "Disassembly Line" LP (SLAP A HAM only)
Capitalist Casualties - "Art of Ballistics" 7"
Resist/Cluster Bomb Unit flexi
Sex/Vid first 7" and "Voyeur" live 7"
Atrocious Madness- Nuclear Violence
Amdi Petersens Arme - "Blod ser mer..." (kicknpunch NOT Havoc)
Hellshock - Japan tour EP
Screeching Weasel - "How to make enemies" LP (Lookout)
Screeching Weasel - "Wiggle" LP (Lookout)
Screeching Weasel/Born Against 7"
Neurose Urbana first 7"
Undead - "Act Your Rage" LP
"Hasta El Final" book on Spanish punk
Cocadictos LP
RIP/Eskorbuto LP
Masshysteri - "Paranoid" 7"
GISM - "Victorious" pic disk
GISM - "Human Condition" boot LP
OG band shirts size Medium (no bootlegs!)
OG demo tapes of good bands
old issues of MRR

Of course if I have something you want but you don't have anything on the list above PLEASE send a list with whatever you do have for trade (especially stuff from JAPAN, DENMARK, SPAIN, COLOMBIA, etc.).... there's tons of stuff I'm looking for besides this.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Life's Halt - "We Sold Our Souls For Hardcore" EP

First 7" released by Life's Halt from L.A. I can't even count how many times I saw these guys live... for a while it seemed like they were on every good show happening in SoCal. Shows at the PCH, LaFayette, Koo's Cafe, Headline, The Smell, etc... definitely one of the best bands live and a great bunch of dudes (well at least Ernie and Felix... never really talked to the other dudes although I did see Charlie at a bachelor party years later for a mutual friend). Musically, it's fast hardcore bordering on that straight-edge sound (which makes sense since some of those dudes were heavily into SxE for years) and even reminds me of YOUTH OF TODAY due to Ernie's vocal style.

I never thought the records did them much justice, kinda tame compared to their live sets. Not that I don't like the band but I just don't play their records too often because I think they were recorded/produced pretty poorly. There is none of the intensity that their live shows had. Maybe if you never saw them live or heard their recorded music before actually witnessing them live.... For me, it was the other way around. I saw them play a ton of times before finally listening to the demo and the records. Anyways, check it out.

1. More Than Once
2. In My Face
3. Get In The Pit!
4. Why We Are
5. Headline
6. Ten Thousand Strong
7. Make It Right
8. Monster Joe
9. Appraise

Friday, January 16, 2009

Zone - "Win Back To Sanity" EP

Raging Japanese hardcore from 1994. Pretty straightforward ... just a vicious punch to the face. They also have another full 7" entitled "First Blow is Half the Battle" that I believe is also on HG-Fact (I'll try to rip that one soon too...) and and LP with some kind of futuristic tattooed dinosaur on the cover (?) that should be easier to find since it's a little more recent and it was released through a US label (Partners in Crime). Plus I'm sure they are on a whole bunch of comps. I will never see/own.

01. Find Out
02. Sonnamonka
03. Short Hope
04. Win Back To Sanity

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Infierno De Cobardes - "Ciudad Monstruosa" 7"

4 Track 7" of total DISCHARGE worship from Spain released a few years ago. I swear this dude just took Discharge songs, re-recorded/played all the instruments himself and then created some new lyrics in Spanish. It's actually a one-man band featuring Teodoro (who was also in DESTRUCCION, OTAN, and I think SIDA too?) who is a total D-beat fanatic.... this is the 2nd 7" I think but I have yet to hear the 1st one.

1. Ansiedad
2. Perversion
3. Invulnerable
4. Ciudad Monstruosa

Saturday, January 10, 2009

LEBENDEN TOTEN new stuff + live

Just got back from the 2nd of two LEBENDEN TOTEN shows. Playing the new LP as I type this.... probably my favorite thing they've done so far (although the first 7" is pretty high up there too...). Seriously, the song 'Near Dark' is soooo fuckin' good. I fell in love with the song live and even though I've already sent out for the LP through the mail I bought another copy today from the band just so I wouldn't have to wait to listen to that song again. Fuck! This band sounds so much tighter live now than the last time I saw them (about 3 or 4 years ago?). The pogo parts fucking kill too. Big thanks to Gus for having the band play these two shows locally before flying back home to Portland after their Japan/Australia/New Zealand tour. Also, fellow PDX band NERVESKADE was really good too. Got their demo and I'll be sure to pick up their vinyl releases as they come out.

The Vomits - "Reckless Cow!" EP

Another post originally from Lalo's blog (I didn't know I had recorded this much.... still it's good filler in between the other new recordings)

Great flexi of really catchy punk rock from Japan on Stomping Records (Stomping Record 005). I don't know anything at all about this band except that my brother got it from a pen pal in Japan he was trading Misfits stuff with.... I think it was his band. So I guess this is from around the late 80s... no date listed on the record. If anyone knows where to find more stuff from the Vomits.... please share! The last track even ends with a bomb blast (which always scores big points with me). One of my most prized records.

01. Stomp Out The R&R!
02. Diving In Love
03. This Is The Rebel Soul
04. Viva La Nuclear Party

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kruw - s/t 7"

Japanese punk on Partners in Crime (PIC 023) released a few years ago. From what I can remember this was originally released as a CD (or CD-r demo) in Japan and Partners in Crime was nice enough to press it to vinyl for us geeks. If I remember correctly they only pressed between 500-1000 and it sold out pretty fast. It's a little different than what I would normally expect from this label. It's more on the "fastcore" JELLYROLL ROCKHEADS/EXCLAIM/FUTURES side of the Japanese punk world.... most of the other releases on this label tend to fall towards the more "traditional" Japanese sounds (ie ROCKY AND THE SWEDEN, ASBESTOS, ASSAULT, etc..) but it's still really cool even though I do tend to prefer the traditional style myself. Plus, it's a cool ass cover with Japanese punks wearing leather and one's even packing a bazooka! Looks more like a poster to a sequel to BURST CITY or WILD ZERO. The only downer? The fake OBI strip on the cover. It's printed on the cover. Not a real OBI strip.... sigh.

1. The Punx
2. War
3. Distorted Society
4. Seizon

Monday, January 5, 2009

Persevere - "Panic Land" LP

First vinyl release by PERSEVERE (I think...) on Insane World Records. This was released sometime in 2003 and is really good Finnish-type punk from Japan. I'm not sure if that's what they were going for since they don't have Finnish song titles like their contemporaries LAUKAUS and POIKKEUS but they have that out-of-control/bass guitar can barely keep up with the rest of the band sound that makes me think of Finnish punk. They also have at least two full 7"s that are also worth checking out.

Another re-post from Lalo's blog.....

1. Panic Land
2. Silent Political Organization
3. Propaganda
4. No War
5. Irrationality
6. Future Possible
7. Law And Order
8. Destruction

Saturday, January 3, 2009

No Hope For the Kids - "Angels of Destruction" 7"

Second 7" from NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS which came out some time after the other I uploaded here. In my opinion this one's not as strong as that first 7" but it's still probably better than most punk records put out in the last few years anyway.... Still with the WWII theme and the B side again (in the old days the "hit" was on side A while the B side was a bit of a throwaway track... guess someone forgot to tell NHFTK and the label Backwards Masking) is stronger than side A. It's very reminiscent of THE MISFITS and will get stuck in your head. Seriously, one of my favorite bands.... so what the hell happened?! Did they break up or what?? I needs more songs!

1. Angels of Destruction
2. Cold Touch of Death

Beggars can't be choosers....

Hmm.... I noticed while listening to some of my recordings in the car that some of them have some 'clicking' noises. I guess I was fooling around with other shit on my PC while recording this stuff. I guess I'll try to fix it later and in the meantime I'll replay everything I haven't uploaded to make sure it doesn't sound all fucked up. If there's too much of that shit going on I won't bother too upload it like that.... I haven't found anything major so far though (mostly on some stuff I recorded for myself that I wasn't even going to upload anyway and two other tracks have like one 'click') and you fuckers just freeload the music (without any comments!!!) so beggars can't be choosers.

Friday, January 2, 2009

D-Starve - "Destroy A Person's Dreams Destroy A Person's Hopes" 7"

Good Japanese hardcore 7" from 1992 out of Nagoya. "Limited Edition 500 Copies" according to the back of the sleeve and this was most likely released by the band since it is Destroy and Starve:03. Interesting cover art of some dude (or girl?) holding some skulls possibly after their hopes and/or dreams were destroyed? Features Hiro (C.F.D.L.) on backing vocals.... I'm pretty sure they also have a split 7" but I don't own it. Maybe someday.....

01. Die back
02. Japanese title 1
03. Easy to break
04. Cross
05. Japanese title 2