Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bomb Heaven-"S/T" EP

3 Track 7" of PDX hardcore punk... not much to say except that if you are a fan of BLOOD SPIT NIGHTS, DOG SOLDIER, MASSKONTROLL (this reminded me of them for some reason...), and those millions of other PDX punk bands then you'll probably enjoy this. I guess this was originally on Doomsday records and then repressed on Black Water? I didn't think they were around anymore but apparently there is an LP coming out soonish on Black Water so who knows?

1. Warfear
2. In The End
3. Prisoner For Life


Butch Tenacity said...

Just found your blog. Glad to see that you are posting some newer records. Keep up the great work - I definitely appreciate it!

Jon said...

This album is totally underrated. Track one is the best on the album. Great post!