Monday, February 23, 2009

Laukaus – “Mika On Tuolla?” EP

Six tracks of hardcore Finnish punk by way of Japan released around 2002 or so. The Japanese are the kings of reproducing musical styles and then spitting them back at us...... This actually could almost pass as a punk record from Finland (and definitely sounds better than most modern Finnish punk). I know they also had a 12" (which I plan on posting up soon too) and another 7" which I, unfortunately, do not own. Oh well. Enjoy.

1. Traditiot
2. Vihaa
3. Muoti
4. Tuho Ja Kuolema (Death Sentence)
5. En Halua Enempaa Vapautta
6. Valta (Valssi Mix)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

HjerteStop-"Aarh, fuck... Der Er Hjertestop!" EP

Another classic on Kick'N'Punch records (this blog is slowly turning into a blog split evenly between Japan, Denmark and PDX I think.... hmmm.). This is a perfect mix of the APA style retro hardcore tuneage plus some of those melodies/hooks from the other KNP/HJERNESPIND bands. I like how the band photo is superimposed to make them look like they are rocking out in front of some blown out building complete with coffins/skeletons. Also a nice back cover photo of a bare-assed punk wearing a leather jacket featuring... a bare-assed punk wearing a leather jacket! Groovy. Best song title: 1-800-SUICIDE-CLUB.... please make sure to call that number if you like to listen to crap like GOOD CHARLOTTE.

01. Vi Er Overalt
02. Pis Mig I Munden
03. Spogelser
04. Ind I Lejren
05. Vold Vold Vold
06. 1-800-SUICIDE-CLUB

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Reality Crisis/Avskum - "Waiting For Another Bloodbath" split 10"

Split 10" released a few years back on Answer Records (Japan). I think this one's a little tough to find nowadays..... Anyways, I'm not a fan of AVSKUM (or much current punk from Sweden with the exception of TOTALITAR or SKITKIDS) and I really only own this and bothered to upload it for the amazing REALITY CRISIS. I listened a bit to AVSKUM while recording this and it sounds like later period POISON IDEA to me (not that that's a bad thing just sayin'...). REALITY CRISIS is total blown out Japanese dual-vocalled crust/hardcore that mixes noisy peace punk with maybe DOOM/E.N.T. (but not total DOOM worship stuff like fellow Japanese crusties ABRAHAM CROSS). REALITY CRISIS was also really great live... one of their singers is a fuckin' maniac!

Reality Crisis
1. Time Goes By So Fast
2. Fight Against Yourself
3. Leave Me Alone
4. Swallows Everything

5. Feed The Overfed
6. Rising From The State Of Vain
7. Waiting For Another Bloodbath
8. Please No More Filthy Greed

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Incontrollados-"Hvem Vil Det Gavne?" EP

Excellent hardcore punk on the Kick'N'Punch label (R.I.P.!!!) from 2001 (not sure but that's the recording date at least). This is more along the lines of AMDI PETERSENS ARME meaning that it's straightforward U.S. style hardcore as opposed to the more "punky" stuff coming out of Denmark at the same time.... this is just as good in my opinion as APA but for some reason no one ever talks about this band or EP much. Maybe no one likes the cover since it looks similar to that REPLACEMENTS album cover? Anyways, check out the boss guitar sound and FYI "Det er OK at vaere grim" translates to "It's OK to be ugly". Close your eyes and imagine it is 1981......

01. Hvem vil det gavne?
02. Til salg
03. Det er OK at vaere grim
04. Ingen representant
05. Hvor var du?
06. Hej med dig
07. Macho kindergarten
08. Tyveri

Friday, February 6, 2009

Repercussions - “11 Songs” 12"

11 song 12" EP released on 540 Records out of Texas in 2007 (I think?). One of them supergroups that only gets together every so often to record and play shows since some of the members live in different parts of the country. Features the guitarist from DEATHREAT and the vocalist from cult band COLD SWEAT..... which pretty much ends up sounding like the perfect mix of both bands. I could definitely see these songs having ended up on a DEATHREAT release.... straight-forward US hardcore with pissed off vocals and angry lyrics.

I saw these guys play at Chaos in Tejas 2007 but the best memory I have related to this band is the singer of REPERCUSSIONS playing "bodyguard" for some shitty band called DROPOUT on the first night of the fest. It was their "reunion" show even though I had never heard of them.... and with good reason since they really sucked. Anyways, while DROPOUT was playing the vocalist from REPERCUSSIONS was standing on the stage with his arms crossed and rocking a tough guy pose while protecting the band or something. Eventually, everyone in the audience got sick of the crappy band and their stupid lame vocalist..... someone grabbed a trashcan and threw it square at the singer's face (I guess they were in a GORDON SOLIE type of mood? They were a little early since they weren't playing until 2 nights later....). The funniest part though was when the singer for DROPOUT got popped in the face, Mr. Bodyguard (REPERCUSSIONS vocalist) busted out laughing at the dude too. Once he realized he was supposed to be serious or something he busted out his angry face again and went back to playing bodyguard. Good times.....

1. Body and Blood
2. 9 Years
3. Marshill
4. No Mercy
5. Comforts of Home
6. On Bended Knee
7. Can’t Hold Us Back
8. Value
9. Will To Power
10. Bomb the Pulpit
11. Breeding Contempt

Monday, February 2, 2009

Trade list updated!

Updated the trade list again.

Good traders from the PE board = xoscar17x and sniperfucker

P.S. Sean, you gotta have something to trade... c'mon. I'll even take demos (originals only!).

P.P.S. Lalo.... trade me that first SEX/VID 7" goddammit!