Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Incontrollados-"Hvem Vil Det Gavne?" EP

Excellent hardcore punk on the Kick'N'Punch label (R.I.P.!!!) from 2001 (not sure but that's the recording date at least). This is more along the lines of AMDI PETERSENS ARME meaning that it's straightforward U.S. style hardcore as opposed to the more "punky" stuff coming out of Denmark at the same time.... this is just as good in my opinion as APA but for some reason no one ever talks about this band or EP much. Maybe no one likes the cover since it looks similar to that REPLACEMENTS album cover? Anyways, check out the boss guitar sound and FYI "Det er OK at vaere grim" translates to "It's OK to be ugly". Close your eyes and imagine it is 1981......

01. Hvem vil det gavne?
02. Til salg
03. Det er OK at vaere grim
04. Ingen representant
05. Hvor var du?
06. Hej med dig
07. Macho kindergarten
08. Tyveri


butch tenacity said...

Awesome seven inch. Thanks for sharing.

Lasse said...

I just arrived in the 21st century and got myself a computer with internet connection so thanks for putting this stuff up for download! I used to sing in incontrollados by the way, but who the fuck are the Replacements?? The reason no one liked us was because we were the ugliest band around...

M.O.E. said...

Wow. Thanks for filling me in... I love INCONTROLLADOS. Wish there was more songs to listen to.

Now that you have joined the 21st century look at this: