Friday, February 6, 2009

Repercussions - “11 Songs” 12"

11 song 12" EP released on 540 Records out of Texas in 2007 (I think?). One of them supergroups that only gets together every so often to record and play shows since some of the members live in different parts of the country. Features the guitarist from DEATHREAT and the vocalist from cult band COLD SWEAT..... which pretty much ends up sounding like the perfect mix of both bands. I could definitely see these songs having ended up on a DEATHREAT release.... straight-forward US hardcore with pissed off vocals and angry lyrics.

I saw these guys play at Chaos in Tejas 2007 but the best memory I have related to this band is the singer of REPERCUSSIONS playing "bodyguard" for some shitty band called DROPOUT on the first night of the fest. It was their "reunion" show even though I had never heard of them.... and with good reason since they really sucked. Anyways, while DROPOUT was playing the vocalist from REPERCUSSIONS was standing on the stage with his arms crossed and rocking a tough guy pose while protecting the band or something. Eventually, everyone in the audience got sick of the crappy band and their stupid lame vocalist..... someone grabbed a trashcan and threw it square at the singer's face (I guess they were in a GORDON SOLIE type of mood? They were a little early since they weren't playing until 2 nights later....). The funniest part though was when the singer for DROPOUT got popped in the face, Mr. Bodyguard (REPERCUSSIONS vocalist) busted out laughing at the dude too. Once he realized he was supposed to be serious or something he busted out his angry face again and went back to playing bodyguard. Good times.....

1. Body and Blood
2. 9 Years
3. Marshill
4. No Mercy
5. Comforts of Home
6. On Bended Knee
7. Can’t Hold Us Back
8. Value
9. Will To Power
10. Bomb the Pulpit
11. Breeding Contempt


Anonymous said...

funny story..saw them a few times also,once "the singer"was acting drunk and lost a mic somewhere,nobody could find it anywhere,the set was only like five minutes,he had to pay 50 dollars for the mic which he did'nt have till somebody got it.

M.O.E. said...


Anonymous said...

Did you think Drop Out was actually being serious? Wade was singing Akon lyrics for fuck's sake.

Wade got hit with a trash can by Casey. Wade and Casey are friends. Sean laughed, then went back to looking hard. Good times all around.

M.O.E. said...

Never heard of the band before so I wasn't sure if it was serious or not.

If it was serious I felt bad for them cuz they sucked so hard. Felt much worse for the people who spent $$$ on their record.