Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blah/Trade List

Gonna try to post all the remaining stuff originally on Lalo's blog soon just to get it out of the way (don't know why I even started... probably should've just left it there but I'm very anal and feel the need to have all my crap here together on one blog). Besides that stuff, I have a few EPs and surprisingly a few 12"s (one CD release even!) to post soon so there'll be plenty of stuff coming. I just wish I had a scanner.... either I steal photos found online or take them with a digital camera (which don't look too good).

Special thanks to those that have been leaving comments...

Have the following records for trade if anyone's interested (also posted this on the Profane board):

Knugen Faller - "Skellefte Stadshotell" 7" (red vinyl)
Hellshock - "Warlord" EP
Besthoven - "To The Hell With Them All!!" 7" (Japanese covers 7")
Mankind? - "Won't You Join The Army..." 7" (Eugene records)
Mankind?/D.I.R.T. 7" (Tribal War/clear vinyl)
Mankind?/Final Warning 7" (Tribal War)
Worms' Meat "Four Stupid Brains" 7"
Zoe - "From Hell" 7" (Crust War)
V/A "Mie City Hardcore 2" (MCR)
Hellshock - "Arrows to the Poor" 7" (Whispers in Darkness)
UBR - "Yugoslavia Panic" 7" (Crust War)
No Hope For the Kids - "Angels of Destruction" 7" (Backwards Masking)
Neurose Urbana - "Morte Caotica" 7"
Gorilla Angreb 1st 7" (KicknPunch) yellow vinyl
Lebenden Toten - "Nuclear Flowers"
Effigy - "Grinding Metal Massacre" 7" (Crust War)
Tragedy - "Can We Call This Life?" 7"
Defector - 5 Track EP 7" (Crust War)
What Happens Next? - "Ahora Mas Que Nunca" 7" (Lengua Armada)
Tetsu-Arrey - "Rocket/Core" (HG Fact)
Punch In The Face 1st 7" (Lengua Armada)
Forward - "Feel the Core of Self" (HG Fact)
Asbestos - s/t 7" (Hibachi)
V/A "Kobenhavn I Ruiner" 2x7" (Kicknpunch)
Reality Crisis-"Open the Door..." LP (1st press Answer Records)
Histeria Vol.1 LP (Lengua Armada)
Limp Wrist LP (1st press on Lengua Armada)
GISM - "Live 1982-1983" LP
Contrast Attitude/Acrostix LP (Crust War)
SS "Original SS" clear vinyl 12"

Some random wants off the top of my head:

MK-Ultra - "Stick Figure" 7"
Los Crudos - "Last Stand" LP
Capitalist Casualties - "Disassembly Line" LP (SLAP A HAM only)
Capitalist Casualties - "Art of Ballistics" 7"
Resist/Cluster Bomb Unit flexi
Sex/Vid first 7" and "Voyeur" live 7"
Atrocious Madness- Nuclear Violence
Amdi Petersens Arme - "Blod ser mer..." (kicknpunch NOT Havoc)
Hellshock - Japan tour EP
Screeching Weasel - "How to make enemies" LP (Lookout)
Screeching Weasel - "Wiggle" LP (Lookout)
Screeching Weasel/Born Against 7"
Neurose Urbana first 7"
Undead - "Act Your Rage" LP
"Hasta El Final" book on Spanish punk
Cocadictos LP
RIP/Eskorbuto LP
Masshysteri - "Paranoid" 7"
GISM - "Victorious" pic disk
GISM - "Human Condition" boot LP
OG band shirts size Medium (no bootlegs!)
OG demo tapes of good bands
old issues of MRR

Of course if I have something you want but you don't have anything on the list above PLEASE send a list with whatever you do have for trade (especially stuff from JAPAN, DENMARK, SPAIN, COLOMBIA, etc.).... there's tons of stuff I'm looking for besides this.


Ben said...

i'll link you up...

you need the framtid/seein' red & the lebenden 8" on clear

if you wanna give up the crudos /mk ultra split or gloom demos LP

email to talk furthrer...


Papst Benedikt XVI said...

I have

RESIST / C.B.U. split 7" flexi

and I'd have the RESIST / DISRUPT split 7" but I'm not sure if I should trade that one away or keep it!

send me your complete want-list maybe I got more stuff you're looking for.


M.O.E. said...

Took the framtid/seein' red off the list. It's already on the way.... That's pretty much all I have to trade. Would MAYBE give up other things but it'd have to be for something I want desperately.

zatvorenik j-84 said...

hey, i need that UBR 7", is there any e-mail where i can contact you?