Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sex/Vid - "Tania" EP

2nd EP by this Olympia,WA hardcore/punk band. I wish I had the 1st 7" to compare it to but alas it has not yet made its way into my grubby hands (someone wanna trade/sell me their copy?). Great band live with some twisted guitar feedback/guitar strangling (remind me a lot of early BLACK FLAG/VOID where the guitar is just on that breaking point of falling apart but somehow that shit all holds together well. Not really 'solos' but just these random bits and pieces of cool guitar bits...make sense?) and demented vocals. Everytime I've seen them live they totally blow out my eardrums... not sure if they do it on purpose but it seems like everything's always at '10' with these guys and gal. 'Tania' is the fucking winner on this one but the rest is really good too. One of the few current US hardcore bands I actually enjoy.... most others are just rehash/overrated in my opinion. Bonus points for the guitarist wearing a tye-dyed shirt and some hippie type beads around his neck but being more punk than you! Check out the new 12" that was just released too!

1. Firm Grasp
2. Misprint
3. Suspended Daylight
4. Tania

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Nemesio El Amargado said...

hey M.O.E. what do you know...i have the 1st ep, i'll record it for you so you could up load it on your link...still waiting for the mexicore music....