Friday, December 19, 2008

Gorilla Angreb/Lokum - "Split In Half" 7"

Split 7" on the Hjernespind label from a few years back with a 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' theme running throughout both bands songs. The GORILLA ANGREB track (the reason why I'm sure most people bought/own this) was re-released on the discography LP/CD so that's fairly easy to get ahold of and you already know whether you like them or not so we'll focus on the flipside. LOKUM's first song is a so-so instrumental but the 2nd song is pretty good.... very KBD type punk complete with added chainsaw sound effects. The haunting little guitar melody is good sounds for chasing someone with a chainsaw until they jump into a moving truck and get away. Then all you can do is wave your chainsaw angrily in the air as they speed off....

1. Gorilla Angreb - Motorsavsmasahahakren
2. Lokum - Ghost
3. Lokum - The Saw is the Law

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