Saturday, November 29, 2008

v/a-"Cry of soul" ep

Originally posted on Lalo's but I'm trying to collect all my stuff together on my own blog.

I bought this off Felix/LIFE’S HALT when he was selling off most of his collection a few years ago… I still regret not buying more stuff off of him (esp. that really cool SLAP A HAM records t-shirt). Anyways, 7" Comp. released by Crow (Crow Records 3) featuring 1 track each from HIS HERO IS GONE (USA), SELFISH (Finland), FINAL BOMBS (Japan) and CROW (Japan). This came out around 1999 I think and I'm pretty sure the HHIG and SELFISH tracks were re-released later but not sure about the Japanese band tracks. Either way.... good shit!

1. His Hero Is Gone-Disinformation Age
2. Selfish-To Do One's Duty
3. Final Bombs-No Turning Back
4. Crow-Wind Of Hell


Nemesio El Amargado said...

don't wanna be the only one leaving comment, this blog will be brutiful...up with the punks? fuck th punks!...porque? porque yo so punk!

RATOSECO said...

Hello mate!
You need to fix the link, this one is for the "Tokyo Santama City Hardcore!"

M.O.E. said...

Thanx! Link is now fixed.... no wonder that one had no downloads. :)