Friday, April 17, 2009

V/A - "Histeria" LP

Excellent LP compilation released a few years ago on Lengua Armada. One of the few compilations of recent years actually worth listening to since it's not just throwaway tracks from the bands. Plus, it's got a really nice newspaper type insert with full photos of the bands and a Lengua Armada discography. Remember when bands use to give good songs to compilations? Not just "demo" or "live" versions of already released songs.... Anyways, my favorite stuff on here is the LIMP WRIST, LIFE'S HALT, and DEATHREAT stuff. Although by now you can get the LIMP WRIST and DEATHREAT tracks on their respective discography CDs, the tracks are nice to have on this LP with the full artwork/lyrics. Plus, "The Ode" is probably the best song LIMP WRIST ever wrote... As of this point there is still no LIFE'S HALT discography so I guess this is your only chance to hear this stuff right now. I'm pretty sure the DS-13 and SEEIN' RED tracks are already on some CD by now as well since they have discography CDs too. ESPERANZA sucks but if I knew Steve Aoki was going to end up partying with Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan I probably would've made an effort to be his friend back then.... yeah right. Also worth mentioning is the rap part on the SIN ORDEN tracks.... Ugh.

Life's Halt
1. Histeria
2. Los Olvidados
3. F.L.A.
Seein' Red
4. Run By Liars
5. Apathy
6. Fuel To Fight
Limp Wrist
7. Angry Queen
8. The Ode
9. Complex
10. Propaganda/Bill Gates/Chicos De La Calle
11. Next In Line
12. Identity Through Consumption
13. Snacka Inte Sexism Med Mig Punkjavel
14. Religion = Oppression
15. Sentiment Without Action
16. As We Sleep
17. Those Who Deal In Death
18. The Inherent Flaw
19. Why I Grew Up Hating Russians
Sin Orden
20. Abuso
21. Es Un Sueno
22. Pro-Choice
23. Keep Your Fist Clenched
24. Pity The Fool

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lalo (Amargado De La Vida) said...

ja ja, you said aoki...he was a cool dude...wish he could release the lipovitan discography :)