Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Neurose Urbana - "Vivendo, Sofrendo E Morrendo!" 7"

First 7" from this d-beat/raw punk band from Brazil released in 2000 on a Finnish label. One of my favorite new (-ish) bands from Brazil... wish they would've released more of this quality stuff on vinyl. Just as good as the best stuff from BESTHOVEN but for some reason they never got the hype. They also have a really good 2nd 7" and a so-so (in my opinion.... but I think I need to go back and hear it again) 12" along with lots of demos and some comp appearances.

1. Rotina Em Alerta
2. Declinio De Corpos
3. Luxuria Para Os Famintos
4. Destrua
5. Eu Nao Preciso Ser Como Voce
6. O Que Passa Nessas Mentes?


lalo said...

put up them tapes from spain and mexico...el metal no es violencia!

Two Beers or not Two Beers said...

Great! I´m from Brazil and from the same city from the Neurose Urbana dudes, that are also my close friends. It´s good to know that people in other countries still remember them. Tehy´ve disbanded in 2003 and now Mingau has a new band called Death From Above ( I´ve stolen the link and put into my label´s blog to share with people down here. If you need any material to post just keep in touch