Monday, May 11, 2009

The Fastbacks – “… and His Orchestra” LP

Some pop punk from Seattle to offset all the other stuff that's normally posted on here.... I couldn't find a CD download of this so I ripped this for myself mostly. Maybe someone else might be interested in this.... very underrated band in my opinion. One of the few Seattle bands that was there before and after the whole grunge thing blew up after Nirvana but never really got as popular as some of those other (lame) bands. It's funny to hear them talk about the whole "grunge" explosion in the movie "Hype".

They had a few EPs before this but I believe this is their first full-length. All of their albums have at least a few amazing songs... catchy as fuck songs with bubblegum vocals and really cool guitar parts.

1. Seven Days
2. The Light’s On You
3. If You Tried
4. Don’t Cry For Me
5. In The Winter
6.Wrong, Wrong, Wrong
7. K Street
8. You Will Be The One
9. Call It What You Want
10. Set Me Free
11. I Need Some Help

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matt said...

Hey, I've loved this band since I was first turned onto them via Ben Weasel. The album I've not been able to find however is "Very, Very Powerful Motor". I don't know if there's a chance you'd have that and be able to post. If so, many thanks, if not, still love to see FBX get mentioned.