Friday, June 12, 2009

Tantrum - "Una Verita Nascosta" 7"

Italian-styled hardcore from Japan released by Overthrow records. Not my favorite release on the label but the vocalist does a good job of making the vocals sound like something coming out of Italy in the 80s. It's funny how the Japanese punks have been aping all the different hardcore sounds/countries in the last few years. Hopefully, they'll eventually do some early Colombia/Mexico raw punk type of stuff.... enough of the Swedish/Finnish/Italian stuff has been done already.

1. Destino
2. Esistenza
3. Tu Non Hai Una Personalita
4. Trasinare
5. Aiutazzioni
6. Coesistenza
7. Una Verita Nascosta


Anonymous said...

I remember buying this at Extreme Noise when it came out. I ended up just giving it to Sam gratis.

James said...

Thanks for the post! Something to look for when I visit Japan later this year!!

James said...

Thanks for the post! Excellent band!

Fibro said...

thanks for this one!