Thursday, July 2, 2009


No updates in a while.... taking a few classes (finally trying to go back to school again) and super-busy with the puppy and the usual stuff to do at work/home.

Finally got another turntable though that is hooked up to the PC so maybe at least that will help things.

Will post more stuff soon.....


Anonymous said...

cool.looking forward to more posts. how bout some crow? A little metaly for me but fun.

lalo said...

ja ja, your just like me.....LAZY!...did you like the records that you got from me? i got this 3xlp comp "A Reason For Living 2003" on Dan-Doh...would you be interested? just let me know...chow!..lalo

jaysin said...

Hey, you might like this
Getting Even

Kind of black flag/blast style stuff from Minneapolis.