Sunday, March 22, 2009

Deathcharge - "Plastic Smiles" EP

3 track one-sided 7" of DISCHARGE (duh) worship from PDX released on Distruction Records. When I play this I'm filled with the urge to sing along using DISCHARGE lyrics because the songs sound totally familiar.... reminds me very much of INFIERNO DE COBARDES, meaning it's like hearing DISCHARGE songs replayed but with new lyrics. "Plastic Smiles" is a good fist-pumper but I think I like this band's more recent "The Hangman" 7" more.

1. See Through Their Lies
2. Pathetic Sheep
3. Plastic Smiles

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Anonymous said...

This entire ep it from Matt Average's distro before he sold it off to Ben Mosh. The very first track is the SHIZ. NIT!

Frank told me they have enough material for that LP finally...they kept throwing away song after song for whatever reason.