Friday, March 6, 2009

Defector - "Ultra Noize Violence" 7"

Noisy as fuck debut 7" from Defector from Japan (Crust War 014). Pretty insane how much people are paying for this record now.... 2nd 7" is much better but they're still a bit overrated in my eyes. I prefer LIFE and FRAMTID myself.... I do like the fact though that one guy plays "METAL PENIS" while another member plays the "NOISE PENIS." Both are very hard instruments to master.

This came as a bonus 7"with Crust War Zine #8. The pictures above are actually from a "cover" that's inside the zine itself as the 7" was just in a white dust sleeve. So I guess you were supposed to cut it out and use it for the cover (even has dotted lines along where you're supposed to cut) but I just made a xerox copy and put my 7" in that because I'm a fucking nerd and I don't cut up zines/records like that.

1. Brainless
2. Japanese Title
3. Again, Tragedy
4. System Exclusion
5. Hope for Nothing


Ben said...

habi (drummer) used to be in GLOOM and is the owner of bar konton. jhono (bass) was also in GLOOM. the guitar player is now ZYANOSE. would be cool to do a CRUST WAR family tree, really...

love the 2nd 7".

Curious Guy said...

I did cut out the sleeve from the zine lol!. Sacrilege!!
btw, if you found those scans on discogs, well I did them.

M.O.E. said...

Yeah I stole those from discogs. Don't currently have a scanner.... Thx!